Yogi Surprise: Brand Copy & Product Descriptions

Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise is a monthly subscription box company for yoga and meditation practitioners.

Their customers are mostly young, intelligent women who value health, spirituality, and eco-friendly/ethical practices.

What Yogi Surprise really needed was a way to get their subscribers excited about the current month’s box and what to expect for next month’s box.

My job was to help the company achieve this by providing them with creative brand copy for the packing cards and product lists that were included in each and every box.

Theme of the Month Brand Copy

Upon receiving their box, customers could read about certain seasonal events or Buddhist philosophies that were relevant to the current time of the year.

Click an image from the gallery below to view and read some of the monthly theme copy that I wrote for Yogi Surprise.

The Yogi Surprise brand uses a very distinct “yogi” voice and tone to appeal to its target audience.

Self-care/self-love and connection to nature are at the heart of the Yogi Surprise brand, so it’s important for the brand voice to come off as very peaceful, compassionate, and overall positive.

Product Descriptions

Each product listing integrates elements of the monthly theme with the product’s benefits and uses.

Yogi Surprise customers crave meaning, which is exactly why it’s so important to have good copy for the monthly theme and products.

Customers want to know exactly how the products they received could benefit their yoga lifestyle and why they were chosen for each month’s box.

‘Sneak Peek’ Copy for Next Month’s Products

To encourage customers to continually look forward to next month’s box, each box includes a “sneak peek” card that reveals one item they could expect to receive next month and how it related to the upcoming theme of the month.

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