Lifewire: SEO Articles

Lifewire SEO Articles

Lifewire is a top technology website on the web.

It’s so highly regarded as an authoritative source by Google that its articles often show up in the top results for some of the most competitive keywords out there.

I’ve been writing technology content for Lifewire since 2011, back when it was still (now rebranded to DotDash with content split into several themed verticals).

Over the years, I’ve written hundreds (perhaps well over a thousand) of articles, many of which secured top spots in search results and garnered tens of thousands of page views every day.

I’ve mainly focused on writing informational and instructional content to help readers understand or achieve something tech-related.

In fact, I’ve written so many articles that have performed incredibly well, it’s hard to pick just one to show you.

The goal was always the same: Rank #1 (or at least in the top three) in Google search results for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

Here’s a small selection of my articles you may want to check out:

Feel free to check out my author profile and scroll down to the bottom to see more content I’ve written.

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